Selma Rashid, M.D. author of “Hormones Explained”

Hormones Explained

The book you simply must read. This volume has all you should know about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and why your body needs it.

Written by leading international authority Dr. Rashid, Hormones Explained unravels the mysteries about this most controversial of subjects for the very first time. In plain English, it’s very readable and simple to understand. You will learn how to:

  • Unlock the secrets of why you age, what to look for, and what action to take
  • Maintain your health, grace and beautyas you grow older
  • Appreciate the critical roles hormones play in maintaining your health and youth
  • See how the medical establishment is mismanaging this vital area
  • Understand why their emphasis on treating rather than prevention is so wrong
  • Discover how the system puts profits before patients, at your expense!
  • Benefit from the very latest scientific and medical information, with over 300 medical citations

Why read Hormones Explained?

The definitive work on this most fundamental of subjects, Hormones Explained is packed with essential information. Dr. Rashid explains what hormones are, what they do and, perhaps most importantly, the crucial role they play in the aging process.She also emphasises why hormones is a subject that should be taken very seriously by both men and women.

Dr. Rashid relates exactly who should be taking hormones, and for how long. The book also covers the vital differences between synthetic, bioidentical and natural hormones, as well as the significance of the correct molecular structure, route of administration, and rhythm.

What’s in it for Women?

Women will be particularly interested in the sections on the ovaries, menstrual cycle, polycystic ovary syndrome, estrogen and progesterone. The benefits of estrogen and progesterone are clearly spelled out, as are the hazards of taking the wrong types of hormones.

Dr. Rashid is particularly lucid on the landmark WHI study of 2002 that created so much of the controversy and confusion about hormone replacement. She lays out the facts about birth control pills, and discusses fears about breast cancer and ovarian cancer associated with hormone replacement.

What’s in it for Men?

Men have as much to gain from learning about hormones as women, and Dr. Rashid covers the major issues with typical clarity.The scientifically proven benefits of testosterone are explained, with invaluable information on testing, replacement and preparations. Erectile dysfunction, male contraception and prostate cancer are also major concerns to many men, and these are discussed with reference to the latest medical literature. As with women, men will have all the information they need to decide when and how to replace testosterone.

This comprehensive volume also discusses the critical role of the adrenal glands and hormones, as well as the thyroid hormones, growth hormones, Vitamin D and melatonin.

All in all, replacing hormones is a personal choice for both men and women. Yet without reading Dr. Rashid’s book you cannot have the knowledge you need to make it an informed choice.

“The human body cannot function without hormones, and there is no doubt that hormones need to be in balance”

“A decline in the hormones of fertility is directly related to a decline in youthfulness and wellbeing, which eventually leads to further dysfunction and disease”

“The question now is not if one should take them but how?”

“The truth about the WHI study was never explained”

“Before anyone considers taking birth control pills they should be aware of how they work as well as the possible risks and side effects.”

“The hormones of the adrenal glands are essential for sustaining life, regulating metabolism and adaptation to stress”

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