Bioidentical Hormone Reviews and Testimonials

BHRT from Dr. Selma transformed these patients’ lives.

It can do the same for yours

‘Best possible treatment for my night time sweats and mood swings. I feel so much better now.’
-V.S. Algonquin, IL

‘Every time I went to my doctor and told him I was having difficulty sleeping, my libido was low, I was feeling tired and depressed, he told me it’s normal and I’m just getting old. Dr. Selma told me yes, it’s normal – but we have solutions! She was so right! My life is so much better. I feel the way I did years ago. Dr. Selma changed my life.’ -DK, Elk Grove, IL

‘My hot flashes went within one week, my depression is gone, I wouldn’t give this up for the world’
-SM, DeKalb, IL

‘I knew something was wrong. No one was able to answer my question. I’m too young to feel the way I did. Dr. Selma measured my hormones. I was not ovulating; my ovaries have aged more than my normal age. I started taking Dr. Selma’s regimen. Within weeks I felt so much happier, sexually normal, my acne is almost gone.’ -NP, St. Charles, IL

‘I was a wreck. I couldn’t sleep through the night for months. I was always tired and irritated. I knew I was difficult to be around. Silly little things would get me in a rage. Then I would feel even worse. I never used to be like this. I came to Dr. Selma after my friend insisted I get help. I really didn’t think I would feel so much better so quickly. Within days my sleep got much better. My mood improved in the first cycle. I’ve been taking Dr. Selma’s hormones for seven months, I feel better in a thousand ways.’ -GH. Downers Grove, Illinois

‘I’ve been using Dr. Selma’s program for two and a half years. I remember when I started I had so many issues. My libido was gone. I was depressed, anxious and tired. I couldn’t remember simple things, and felt foggy in my brain. Within days of starting hormones, my symptoms began to improve. After about six months I forgot how miserable I had been. I thought the hormones were not doing anything for me and I’m just normal now. I called Dr. Selma’s office and told then that I didn’t want to continue. They said whatever I did was my choice, and if I ever needed them, they would be here for me. Within two weeks I had all of my previous symptoms. I called back and told them that forgot how the hormones were helping me, and wanted to restart the program. I really thank them for their patience and support. Life without hormone balance is miserable.’ -TW, Champaign, Illinois

‘I was sick of the hot flashes, keeping awake at night because I was either too hot or too cold. Once I started the hormones, immediately I was sleeping better. The night sweats and hot flashes went way. But what was amazing is how my mood and day-to-day functioning got better. The power of our hormones is incredible; I would not give it up for the world.’ -FR, Wheaton, IL

‘I didn’t know how so many of our body functions rely on hormone balance. I started taking hormones to prevent osteoporosis. I could not tolerate the medication I was given to make my bones stronger. Over the course of one year, my DEXA scan has become normal. The technician said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing it!” I have a strong family history of osteoporosis. I thought I would suffer like my mother. I am so grateful to have such a natural and safe treatment. Thank you again.’ -SW, Aurora, IL

‘My mother has Alzheimer’s disease. When my memory started to decline, I became depressed. I would rather die than live in a state of mental decline. Since I have started hormone replacement with Dr. Selma’s regimen, I definitely see an improvement in my mental function. I hope she is always there for us, we really need this.’
-KM, Naperville, IL

‘I had gone to another hormone clinic and had hormone pellets placed in by buttock area. For the first month I felt great, after the next few months everything began to deteriorate. I felt worse than before, the doctor wanted to put more pellets in me. I heard Dr. Rashid speak at an event. Everything she said made sense. After I started Dr. Rashid’s program, I began to feel normal. It took several months for the imbalance of the pellets to go way. Now I feel the way I did a decade ago. I believe in her science and logic. I thank her for all her efforts in getting me balanced.’ -JS. Moline, Illinois

‘I’ve been using the bioidentical hormones for six months now. I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my libido, my hot flashes have stopped, I’m sleeping through the night and no longer experiencing drastic mood swings. I feel balanced now. It’s wonderful!’ -K. G.T. Dundee, IL