Bioidentical Hormone Replacement FAQ’s

I feel fine. Why should I think about BHRT?

If you have a body, you have hormones! And as sure as eggs are eggs those hormones will start to decline at some stage. Replacing them will help to maintain your vigour, energy, youthful looks, reduce symptoms of the menopause and andropause.

OK, I’m interested in BHRT. When’s the best time to start?

Usually, the process starts in your 20’s, with symptoms becoming noticeable by your mid-30’s. Most people start hormone replacement therapy between 35 and 40, although if you are having any of the symptoms we describe you should contact us now.

I’m approaching menopause age. Should I wait to start BHRT treatment?

At all ages, it’s vital that your hormone systems are balanced. Which means before, during and after your menopause. If they’re not you’re likely to suffers from a range of symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and anxiety. Starting BHRT as soon as possible is recommended.

I’d always thought that hormone therapy was for women. How is it suitable for men too?

In males, testosterone is king. As well as sex drive, it helps to maintain muscle tissue, regulate fat and energy levels, even focus the mind to concentrate. As men age they produce less testosterone, but BHRT can replace what’s lost, restoring vitality and reducing ‘manopause’ symptoms.

How soon can I expect to see any improvement?

In general, three to six months. As you’d expect, though, this can vary from person to person, and the exact therapy you use.

Can BHRT help me deal with stress?

Certainly. High stress levels frequently go hand in hand with hormone imbalance. In stress, the body makes more of a hormone called cortisol. Too much of this can have significant negative effects, and needs balancing.

I don’t want to make love any more. Would BHRT any help?

Very likely. Deficiencies in fertility hormones such as estrogen and testosterone are major causes of loss of libido.

How long will I need to have hormone treatment?

How long do you want to remain relatively vigorous, healthy and youthful-looking?! Quite honestly, BHRT is for the long haul. The benefits last as long as the therapy does.

Will I put on weight during BHRT?

The question is the wrong way round! You’d be better asking if you’ll put on weight if you don’t have BHRT. When your hormones are out of balance, you’re more likely to put on weight and find it difficult to lose it.

Are there any side-effects with hormone therapy?

As long as you takebioidentical hormones, the answer is none that we know of. These have the same molecular structure as the hormones your own body makes.

Do I need a prescription for BHRT?

Indeed you do. Bioidentical hormones are handmade by a specialized pharmacist, according to your unique needs. The dosage varies from individual to individual, so they could never be sold over the counter.

Additional facts you should know about BHRT:

  • BHRT is not part of the medical curriculum yet. It’s inevitable that it will be, though, the truth cannot stay hidden forever!
  • The pharmaceutical companies have controlled the practice of medicine for over half a century, making it very difficult to sidestep them
  • Hormones have become a controversial topic for many physicians, owing to poor studies and the lack of clear understanding
  • Much is down to the WHI study, whose results were published in 2002, this showed hormones could increase heart disease, stroke and breast cancer risk
  • It’s not appreciated that the test was flawed, used inappropriate subjects and synthetic hormones as well as the wrong route of administration, a known risk!
  • There’s no evidence that bioidentical hormones have adverse effects. Quite the opposite, in fact, there’s much scientific support, but not acknowledged by the system
  • Numerous other studies also have more positive results, yet as bioidentical hormones can’t be patented, they can’t make profits for drug companies, and these results are suppressed in favour of harmful symptom controlling medications such anti-depressants etc which can be patented and make money for pharmaceutical companies
  • The wider medical community is failing to live up to Hippocratic oath, and is in the pocket of the wealthy pharmaceutical industry
  • And look at the results! People are full of medication yet unhealthier than ever! The US is the world’s biggest spender on healthcare but ranks below 20th in the health
  • Wake up to what is happening! It’s crucial that you take charge of your own health now

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